PREMIERE: President Street Release ‘Cant Go On’

With its laid back guitar riffs and artfully layered vocals, ‘Can’t Go On’ shows yet another side to Australian Pop Fusion collective President Street.

‘Can’t Go On’ tells the all-too-familiar story of lost love and heartbreak. ‘Can’t go on without you // Can’t go on anymore’ opens the chorus, and in a moment sums up the sentiments of the track. It’s a song about the inevitable breakdown of a relationship when the pair realise that there is nothing they can do to save their love, ‘What once was, was never enough’, a deeply depressing idea that so perfectly reflects the feelings of the main protagonist.

The track’s simply musicality carves out a space for the vocals to really shine in a very artful way, giving the layered vocal hook the opportunity to really take the spotlight. The vocals, with their powerful assertion of grief, are truly moving and capture the emotions behind the song perfectly.

Check out the online premiere of the track below, and head to their website to learn about their upcoming Coffee House Sessions Tour.

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