RnB Duo Mac x King Drop New Single ‘Bad Ting’

With a unique fusion of RnB and dancehall, the duo has established themselves as the best in the industry. In conversation, they tell us more about ‘Bad Ting’, their debut EP ‘Fireworks’ due later this year and about the connection they want to forge with listeners through their music.

What is the inspiration/message behind ‘Bad Ting’?

The song is really about expressing feelings towards a girl that you really appreciate and want to show off to the world. As guys, at one point in your life, you’re going to have those feelings and we aim to make our music relatable to the listeners.

How would you describe your sound and how has it evolved over time?

We would describe our sound as energetic and diverse. We would say that our sound is the current UK Afro Swing sound, infused with RnB. We feel that RnB in the UK is not appreciated as much as it should, and we look to bring it back.

Your debut EP ‘Fireworks’ is due later this year, what can we expect from that?

The EP is something that we have been working on for just over a year now and we can’t wait to for everyone to hear it because it really has been fire in the works, hence the title.

If listeners could take away one message from your music, what would you want that to be? 

We always put a lot of emotion behind our songs. So, we want the listeners to feel the emotion and if they can relate to what the song is saying then it’s a bonus. Songs that you can relate to make you connect with the song on a deeper level.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would that be and why?

Drake is the first artist we thought of. The guy is a legend and his music has brought a different feel to R&B making way for many new artists.

Who inspires you, both professionally and on a personal level?

Mac: On a professional level I would say that Meek Mill is my inspiration. His music is relatable to people of different backgrounds in the current social climate. From talking about love to the struggles he had to go through to get to where he is. On a personal level it would be my sister because of the positive outlook she has on life.

King: I’d say I’m really R&B driven so my inspirations professionally would be Drake & Bryson Tiller. Without those guys I don’t think I would be the artist that I am, their music had a huge impact on me coming up. On a personal level my inspiration is my family and friends. I have always felt music is what I was put on this planet for and if I keep following my dream then I can provide a better life for them.

What’s been a really memorable moment in your career so far and what is something you’d love to achieve in your future career? And in the nearer future, what has 2019 got in store for you? 

Just the love that we get around the City of Swansea from the DJ’s playing us in the clubs and Leroy Fer, a Swansea City FC star, reposting our song. It all starts within the city and once you have those people behind you, you can do anything.

In 2019 we are looking to make our mark on the UK music scene. We want to reach a wider audience and build our fanbase. Loyal fans are what turn your dreams into a reality.

We’re really optimistic about what the future holds so in the future we we’d like to have Grammy or at least a nomination to our name.

What’s one song on your personal playlist you’ve had on repeat recently and why?

We’ve both had ‘Gifted’ by FXTE on repeat, it’s a really catchy and motivational song.

Listen to ‘Bad Ting’ below:

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