Ferry Corsten Releases Debut Film Score ‘Don’t Go’

Ferry Corsten, from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, got into music as a hobby. Such was his passion however that it rapidly spiralled into a full-blown profession. His emotionally charged electronic dance music, which crosses genres – not just trance, but also progressive-house, and electro – has always put him ahead of the game, making music which others try to emulate.

Corsten is trailblazing yet again, with his debut film score for the David Gleeson-directed, ‘Don’t Go’. Described by the LA Times as “Powerful…beautiful…memorable…admirable”, the film is an intense roller coaster of emotions, centred around the death of a young girl, and the subsequent anguish and increasingly surreal experiences of of her parents, played by Stephen Dorff and Melissa George. Given Corsten’s musical style it was an easy decision to ask him to score the film; he is able to expertly soundtrack the oscillating suspense and wonder, and pairs his extensive electronic music knowledge with orchestral, and traditional film music sounds – the result being a soundtrack which mirrors the on-screen events perfectly.

Speaking of the experience, Ferry said,

“I have always been interested in soundscapes and using music to evoke emotional responses, so working with film is an area I have wanted to explore. I am grateful to have been able to work with David on my first soundtrack, and it is something I would like to expand on in the future.”

Writing for film is an area Ferry has always been interested in and wishes to further explore, and was the inspiration behind his 2017 concept album, ‘Blueprint’. He collaborated with House Of Cards screenwriter David H Miller to create a storyboard upon which the album was written. ‘Don’t Go’ was released in late 2018, and was reviewed by the likes of Hollywood Reporter and Variety. 

You can stream Ferry Corsten’s soundtrack for ‘Don’t Go’ on Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, iTunes, and Amazon. You can find out more about Ferry Corsten online on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as his official website.

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