Aussie Synth Pop Duo Monarchy Tell Us About Their Dream Collab, Their Inspirations, And Mid:Night

Australian synth-pop duo Monarchy release their highly anticipated third studio album ‘Mid:Night’ on 1st February. In conversation with the duo ahead of their UK tour dates, they tell us about the message behind their album, who’d they love to collaborate with if given the chance, and what inspires them to keep making music.

What is the inspiration/message behind ‘Mid:Night’? 

Ra: Although the album is called ‘Mid:Night’, the mood of the album feels brighter and more optimistic than our previous albums. Personally, I wanted to write music that lifted my mood. Life is brutal enough.

Andrew: It’s the crossing of time, between staying in and going out. It’s a magical moment, that we want to stay in permanently, but sadly it transitions.

How would you describe your sound and how would you say it’s evolved over time?

Ra: I think we’ve got more confident as song writers. So hopefully that’s reflected in the songs. Stylistically I always like to write ideas that makes me feel on the edge of uncomfortable and then edit them back in to a more comfortable place.

Andrew: for me, this album has a slight synth wave French feel about it and is far more consistent than our other albums. I feel we’ve evolved our song writing a lot, and production as well. It’s a bit rough around the edges, there’s more analogue synths in there.

Is your music based more off personal experiences or do you take creative liberties with it?

Ra: Lyrically, nearly all of the songs are based off personal experience. Sometimes the stories need to be embellished to make the song work.

Andrew: I take creative liberties with everything, especially creativity.

Who inspires you both professionally and on a personal level?

Andrew: The fact we are going to be dead for a very long time inspires me to live, daily.

Ra: Professionally, Prince has always been a big inspiration. Personally, my parents are probably the people I most aim to be like.

If listeners could take away one message from your music what would you want it to be?

Ra: Enjoy the moment and be kind to one another.

Andrew: For this album, we wanted a more positive feel, so I want to spread positive vibes.

What can we expect from your UK tour?

Andrew: a bunch of our new tracks, and some of our older ones, a few surprises. We do a cover, which is always fun as well.

Ra: I’m keen to find out what surprises Andrew has in store for us haha!

What would you say has been a personal favourite venue/place to perform at? 

Andrew: We did a really badly organised gig in a beautiful venue, which was the Gran Palais in Paris. Incredible building.

Ra: We played at Joy Eslava in Madrid a while ago. It is a beautiful venue and the crowd as great.

What’s a venue you haven’t performed yet that you’d love to?

Andrew: Wembley Arena. Just for the laughs.

Ra: Royal Albert Hall. Really special place with an amazing list of iconic performances in the past.

Who is one artist you’d love to collaborate with and why?

Ra: I really love everything Janelle Monáe has done. She oozes creativity.

Andrew: There’s so many, but I’d love to work with Pharrell. He seems like he has amazing energy, and he’s an amazing song writer.

What’s been a really memorable moment in your career so far and what’s next? 

Ra: Getting an award at the Los 40 Music Awards in Spain was pretty surreal and memorable. Finishing another album this year would make me very happy.

Andrew: I don’t think there’s a single moment, just a string of memories, ups and downs. More ups than down’s luckily. To sign to Warner Music after being independent for so long has been surprising and great so far!

What’s one question no one asks in an interview you wish you were asked? 

Andrew: When you put in the car sounds for ‘Get Into The Night’, were you evoking the film ‘Paris, Texas’, or the paintings of Edward Hopper?

Ra: Do you think poetry can make good song lyrics?

Monarchy – Back To The Start (Official Video)

Check out Monarchy online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud. You can stream, download, and order physical copies of ‘Mid:Night’ here. Find tickets and further information about Monarchy’s UK tour on their official website.

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