Thomas Passon – ‘Los’

Thomas Passon is a German techno artist who sings in his native language. This shouldn’t however pose a problem to non-German speakers, as his techno rhythms and production are as much a reason to love his music as being able to understand the lyrics. Passon’s latest single, ‘Los’, is the first from his debut album, ‘Illusion’.

Passon has devoted his entire life to studying and perfecting his musical craft. He started in high school where he played guitar for a band which toured Turkey, South America, and France, all the while sharing the love for the German language, and making it less intimidating. From there he went solo, and during the past 10 years he’s found his path, and now he wants to take his listeners with him on his journey. Thomas, and his band, Marc Heidermann and Elmar Schmidt, consider ‘Illusion’ to be a black and white depiction which begs to be coloured in by the listener.

Similarly, lead single ‘Los’ comes with a striking video showing Passon draped over a black and white background, which is lit by flashing lights denoting each transition. “Los” translates into English as “go”, and the song therefore charges the listener with energy, and takes the listener to Passon’s lyrical POV.

Find out more about Thomas Passon online on Instagram and Facebook.

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