Brooke Law Says ‘See Ya Later’ With New Music Video

Electro-pop singer/songwriter Brooke Law dropped the music video for single ‘See Ya Later’ in November.

Effortlessly blending pop, R&B and Asian rhythms, the track which talks about strong independent women while keeping your attention with a great soundscape.

Speaking about ‘See Ya Later’ Brooke said:

“Women are under a lot of pressure to be a certain type – a good mum, a good wife, not too thin or fat, not too assertive, be humble, be quietly beautiful. I think this makes women automatically think they need some security, doubt themselves or just not go for things in the same way men might. However, women have their own inner strength. We can be independent, reach the top and be with (or not be with) who we want and who makes us feel good.”

The single has already picked up over 66k streams on Spotify and seems poised for much greater success.

Find Brooke Law online on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her official website.

Watch the video for ‘See Ya Later’ below:

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