Rebecca Blasband – ‘Fools Heaven’

Rebecca Blasband is an American singer-songwriter and screenwriter. Known as a first season cast member of MTV reality show, ‘The Real World: New York’, she released her debut album, ‘RAPT’, in 1997. This was recorded with a full band, and produced by Warren Bruleigh, known for his work with Lou Reed, and the Violent Femmes. The album, which featured Gordon Gano on electric guitars, was met with great reviews from the press, as well as saw play on college radio.

In 2000, Rebecca moved into sound design and music for television and film, in Santa Monica, and Venice, California. She then took a brief move into screenwriting, returning to her roots there, and collaborated with Academy Award-nominated producer, Antonin Svoboda, on his feature narrative film, ‘The Strange Case Of Willhelm Reich’, released in 2013.

Music has never been too far away from Rebecca however. in 2015, she attended the Chris Difford/Buddy Holly Foundation songwriting retreat, held at Pennard House, Somerset, UK. She lived in London, as well as Southern France, from 2015 until 2017, after which she returned to the US to make ‘HERE’, with producer Danny Uzilevsky. The album, which was recorded at Uzilevsky’s studio, Allegiant, in San Anselmo, California, was completed and mastered in May this year.

‘HERE’ is set for release on November 16. The latest track from the record, ‘Fools Heaven’, falls sonically somewhere between reggae and country, with Blasband’s striking vocals drawn out yet eloquent. The song features jangly guitars and a great calypso style drum rhythm, as well as what sounds like a Wurlitzer organ keeping pace. It’s an altogether very appealing song and bodes well for the rest of the album.

Blasband claims that she made the album in connection with John Lennon, and, whether or not there has been a collab from beyond the grave, there is definitely the feeling that this could have been made with “a little help” – particularly with regard to the instrumentation.

Rebecca Blasband is online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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