Angelo V Set To Release New Single ‘Dragonfly’

London singer songwriter Angelo V releases his latest single tomorrow. The hotly anticipated ‘Dragonfly’, was originally written with heavier drum and bass vibes, but once Angelo laid down the vocal track he realised it was more suited to the pop style – albeit one with a reggae tinge – that it is now.

Angelo V took his inspiration for ‘Dragonfly’ from when he fell in love with what he describes as the human equivalent of the ethereal, almost mystical insects of the same name. The dragonfly’s flight across the water, a scurrying, darting motion, represented to Angelo the concept of going beyond what’s on the surface, and looking into the deeper implications on your life.

‘Dragonfly’ is about a new beginning with a person where the relationship hasn’t followed the path you’d anticipated; you nonetheless hold out, hoping for a second chance. The dragonfly can’t be contained: they move with endless possibilities, but guardedly so:
“You see, as sweet and beautiful as Dragonflies are, their body is also covered in armour and they have four wings. Beautiful, protected and fast.”
‘Dragonfly’ was recorded at London’s Crown Lane studio, and is out tomorrow, 20 November, through all digital outlets.
You can find out more about Angelo V on his official website, and his social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Listen to more of his music on SoundCloud and Spotify.
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