TRYSTON ALEXANDER – ‘Don’t Stop’ (Original Mix)

A producer and DJ from LA, Tryston Alexander makes upbeat House tracks which are guaranteed to get the party started.

The up and coming artist is still only 20 and has already appeared on the main stage at local clubs with his electro and Melbourne Bounce style music. We’re excited to hear more about this young artist, whose original mix, ‘Don’t Stop’ is a powerful poppy dance number, transporting us to Ibiza on a swirling wave of electronica. It’s frantic and compelling, coming together in the last 5th of the track with a highly frenzied instrumental, before returning to the repeated female vocal intoning, “don’t stop”. Strangely trancey, it’s also very very catchy.

You can find out more about Tryston Alexander online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. ‘Don’t Stop’ is available to download from iTunes.

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