LKSHYA Releases New House Infused Single, ‘Without You & I’

With a sound influenced by the likes of Martin Garrix and Avicii, LKSHYA is on a mission to make lusciously composed music. His latest release, ‘Without You & I’, featuring Sassi, is a multi-layered dance track.

Studying musical composition from the age of 10, LKSHYA has a vast knowledge to draw on for his arrangements. He got deeply involved in the software and tech side of music production when putting together ‘Without You & I’, perfectly matching his previous knowledge with his newly acquired skills.

‘Without You & I’ is composed of layered synthetic textures, four on the floor rhythms, and Sassi’s beguiling vocals. The track is an excellent example of what can be achieved with talent and determination, which with LKSHYA’s growing social media presence and skills should ensure his success.

You can find LKSHYA online on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter.
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