David Haerle – ‘Do You Know Surrender?’

Once again David Haerle has opened the door of his studio to director Sabrina Doyle, and recorded a video for his latest song, ‘Do You Know Surrender?’.

The band assembled include classically trained violinist Luanne Homzy (from the Vitamin String Quartet), and who’s played with symphony orchestras the world over. Reade Pryor is on drums, and he’s played on film and TV scores, as well as accompanying singer songwriters such as Kina Grannis and Dan Wilson. Bass is played by the talented Carson Cohen, while Grammy Award winner Alex Wand is on guitar. Together the group coalesce with Haerle, to become a single instrument.

‘Do You Know Surrender?’, like previous release, ‘Finding Natalie’, was shot at Sunset Sound Studio 2, in Los Angeles. Sabrina Doyle captures the chemistry between Hearle and his band, and the song, although a much slower track than ‘Natalie’, nonetheless shows Hearle’s signature rock sound.

Find out more about David Haerle, his single ‘Do You Know Surrender?’ by visiting his official website.

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