Basement Revolver Share New Single ‘Dancing’ And LP Out August 24th

‘Dancing’ is the new single from the album ‘Heavy Eyes’ by hotly tipped Canadian indie rock trio Basement Revolver. An up tempo but still heavy-lidded fuzz pop number, the song is about confronting feelings of boredom with a cry for adventure.

As singer Chrisy Hurn explains;

“When I’m feeling down, I like to borrow a car and drive until I am lost – it makes me feel better and distracts me a little. So, yeah, break out of your shell and dance…or get some fresh air.”

Blending 90s-infused indie rock with fuzzy dreamy pop and poignant, yearning lyrics, Basement Revolver have honed a sound that is capable of stripping listeners of inhibition, yet heavy hitting enough to leave a lasting impression. Unable to disguise the emotion in her voice, songwriter Chrisy Hurn shares intimate stories and personal wounds from her past. The band is rounded out by Nimal Agalawatte on bass and Brandon Munro on drums.

Their ascent to the spotlight has been a steady trajectory, capitalising on the success of their debut single ‘Johnny’ in 2016. The band then garnered endorsements from DIY Magazine, The FADER and Exclaim!, eventually finding themselves on top of the Hype Machine charts multiple times, helping propel their streaming numbers over one million.

To record their debut full-length album, the band returned to local studio TAPE where they had recorded both their EPs. They had build up a solid relationship with producers Adam Bentley & Jordan Mitchell (The Dirty Nil, City and Colour, Memoryhouse), as they continued to hone their signature sound. In this comfortable environment, they found the freedom to get heavier for some songs and more laid-back for others. As Chrisy explains:

“It also gave me the confidence as a writer to not take myself so seriously, to let myself get cheesy or goofy with some songs.”

Previous single “Baby” has been made Amazon UK’s Week One, added to Apple’s Nightcap playlist, and Spotify’s Indie Highlights. While “Knocking” was added to New Music Friday Canada, Outliers, and ‘New Alternative’ and ‘Melancholy Moods’ on Deezer.

In a relatively short time, Basement Revolver have successfully encapsulated the yearning and hopefulness of their generation, whilst harnessing a unique, yet familiar soundscape.

‘Heavy Eyes’ will be available in full on August 24th via Fear of Missing Out Records and Sonic Unyon Records.

Stream and download ‘Dancing’ on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes. Find Basement Revolver online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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