Ali Jacko Returns with ‘Somebody to Love’

Having retired from the world of Martial Arts, five times kickboxing world champion Ali Jacko was looking for a new challenge. He decided to follow his lifelong dream of being a musician and start a challenging project to release a new single every month of 2018 until November. July welcomed ‘Somebody to Love’, a playful and jazzy track that truly shows a different side to Ali. The track is ironically witty, with smart lyrics that document Ali’s (previous) un-luck in love.

Born in London’s East end, Ali Jacko’s illustrious Kickboxing career began with a chance encounter with the legendary Muhammad Ali, after this it was a done deal. Ali Jacko set out to be the kind of athlete that would inspire and enamour people just as Muhammad Ali had done for him.

‘Somebody to Love’ was released on the 31st of July and is Ali’s 7th release of the year. The new track makes it clear that Ali Jacko is no one trick pony, and continues to show the depth and versatility of this musician and songwriter. So what’s next for this champion fighter turned soulful singer? Well with the rest of this year’s singles to be released in the subsequent months, and an album of all eleven songs being released next year (alongside additional bonus tracks) things don’t seem to be slowing down for this musical enigma.

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