Pierre de la Mer – ‘MadDonna’

Pierre de la Mer is a DJ from Amsterdam who plays house, techno, disco, pop, and jazz, as well as his own mash-ups. His track, ‘MadDonna’, is dedicated to the Material Girl herself, as well as the #MeToo movement, and is a sparkling blend of some of Madonna’s laid on a bed of synthy instrumentation.

Madonna’s songs on the remix include ‘Music’, released in 2000; ‘Die Another Day’, from the James Bond film of the same name; ‘Vogue’, from 1990; and ‘Get Together’, which appeared on her tenth studio album, ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’, released in 2005. The overall effect is an uptempo feel-good track, and its catchy rhythms will get even the most jaded listener bobbing their head.

Pierre has performed at many gigs around Amsterdam, other places in The Netherlands, and at New Asia Bar in Singapore.

Find out more about Pierre de la Mer on his Facebook page.

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