MoZaic – ‘Damaged’

Orlando-based soul artist MoZaic tells us the story of her past relationships with family or lovers in her new single ‘Damaged’.

Relationships, be they romantic or with family or friends, affect everyone, and when they fall apart they can also break those involved. Sometimes it takes a long time to learn to trust again. Eventually, we let new people back in, but we’re not necessarily completely healed. In ‘Damaged’, MoZaic shares that entering any sort of relationship will mean she has to deal with, and reveal the “baggage” she carries with her. She uses ‘Damaged’ as a warning to anyone with whom she makes a strong connection – she’s seen a lot in her life, and has had to overcome abandonment an disappointment as a child. She may have her doubts, and she may do things in a relationship that seem unconventional, but it is from a caring yet cautious position.

‘Damaged’ is nonetheless a positive song, with an uplifting message. MoZaic highlights self-improvement and the fact that if you acknowledge your flaws and work toward fixing them, things will get better and you will be able to heal previously opened wounds that others have caused. This video also wants to debunk the stigma mental illness has all over the globe, spark meaningful conversation, and possibly touch at least one person who may have baggage and unable to surpass it. She believes that if it can touch one person then her job is done. MoZaic lost a family member to suicide and wants to show the world that there can absolutely be victory over a damaged life!

The video for ‘Damaged’ brings MoZaic’s lyrics and message to the fore, by use of a darker setting, and colours. The overweening aura of agony, and symbolism in the video, play a crucial role in the illustration of her story. MoZaic appears as a goddess, fighting opposing forces, and draws the connection that she’s fighting off the demons of her past, and the notion that we all have this fight. She battles with them throughout the entire video, implying that it’s an ongoing struggle. MoZaic’s crown and jewellery are symbolic of someone who’s been hurt, but has done all she can to move forward.

Check out MoZaic online on her official website.

MoZaic - Damaged (Official Video)

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