SONI withanEYE – ‘REBEL’

SONI withanEYE was born and raised in Queens New York, and sees it as her destiny on this earth to sing. Channelling her strong personality and swagger, her track, ‘Rebel’ is a declaration of independence.

There’s never been a time when Soni wasn’t going to be a singer. Both parents being musicians, she started in church, singing in the choir as a school girl, and soon finding the same success with piano and guitar. From here she started songwriting and performing, with her range growing to include everything, from classic UK rock like Led Zeppelin and the The Beatles, to more recent American legends such as Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Such tastes make for an interesting sound, and Soni has coined a phrase to describe it, ‘Hip-Rock’. Her angst-ridden single, ‘Rebel’, is the perfect illustration for it: a jazzy, bluesy, rock pop sound that takes us across the past 50 years of music, dropping in and out of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and beyond. There’s soaring guitars and thumping percussive beats, with Soni’s voice strong, yet silky and sultry.
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The video is an homage to strong women, with the lyrics reflecting the same. Fierce yet feminine, the clip shows sisters doing it for themselves, fighting oppressive forces such as racism, sexism, and violence. At the same time, it’s upbeat and has humour – but with a powerful message. In essence, it’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ for a new generation.
You can stream and download ‘Rebel’ from iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.
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SONI withanEYE - Rebel (Explicit Video)

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