Kyla Imani Releases Her New Single ‘Sitting Up In My Room’ Featuring Jay Critch

Singer, songwriter, actress and performer, the multi-talented Kyla Imani follows up her debut EP ‘Sweet Tea’ with the single ‘Sitting Up In My Room’.

The track, a collaboration with rapper Jay Critch, is an evolution from her previous work. Written by singer-songwriter and ‘Pitch Perfect’ actor Ester Dean, the record marks a coming of age for the artist.

Despite her humble years (Imani is 16-years-old) the track shows a maturation from the playful themes of her first record. ‘Sitting Up In My Room‘ deals with more complex matters of the mind, being dragged into the ambiguities of intrigue and infatuation and being unable to control your thoughts.

“Normally, I wouldn’t let you in my head.”

A thought that has surely entered the head of many members of Imani’s audience, leaving them sitting up in their rooms.

The song’s sound as a whole has an attitude not found in the fun, party-centric nature of her ‘Sweet Tea‘ EP, taking her from house-party hip-hop to club-filling R&B with an irresistible pop twist.

Moody, bluesy keys and a lazy bass-line typical of the R&B genre provide a backdrop to Imani’s rasping voice, giving the song an alluring and mysterious sound.

‘Sitting Up In My Room’ is sure to be met by Imani’s fans as well as newcomers to her music with widespread approval. The rapid progression she has made as an artist in the short space of time between her first two releases is immensely impressive. So, while I take some time to enjoy her latest release, I can’t help but get excited about the prospect of what her next release will bring.

Find Kyla Imani online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out both Ester Dean and Jay Critch on Instagram too.

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