The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Matt LeGrand

Today’s Essential Weekly Playlist comes from Matt LeGrand, who we’ve covered before in August with his song, ‘All Good‘, and his Christmas cover of the Stevie Wonder song, ‘What Christmas Means To Me’.

Born in France but moving to Chicago with his family at the age of seven, Matt LeGrand found his musical inspiration and soon learned to play guitar and drums, followed soon after by songwriting, experimenting with bands, and then finding his own sound. His playlist is an eclectic mix of classic rock’n’roll, classic rock, and more contemporary songs. You can find Matt LeGrand online on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud.


This song is the definition of Cool! An instant classic that is peaceful and edgy. It’s essentially a troubled love song. Realizing that there are going to be fights and arguments in a relationship. Accepting that Love is a crazy thing. It tests every part of you! I grew up listening to this song so it instantly brings me back. Amazing performances from all four of the guys. An absolute masterpiece that I can listen to at anytime!


Easily one of the most passionate performances I’ve every heard. There is no one that does it like Mick Jagger. With the subtle background voices from Keith Richards, this song is perfectly imperfect. Such a raw organic feel to the whole record. It’s a very sad song about being a rockstar. Constantly being on the road, the partying, and the fame. To me its about the dilemma of choosing a simple life or one filled with fame and riches. This one will always be a part of my top 10 favorite songs of all time!


I love this record so much! I think we all should be reminded to smile every now and then. It’s a simple song about letting your worries go and living in the moment. There really is nothing like the crooners of the 40’s and 50’s. They had so much class and more importantly they wore there hearts on there sleeves! I turn this one every-time I’m feeling a little down or when Im overwhelmed with happiness!


This song just gets me going! I love listening to this while I’m at the gym running. Pete Townshend’s guitar is just so mean and juicy in this. Combined with the electrifying drumming of Kieth Moon this is a rock and roll classic. Not to mention, it probably contains the best scream ever recorded in a song. Roger Daltrey puts everything out on the line with this tune and it’s absolutely incredible! It’s a song about not getting fooled again!


I had turned my car radio to the classic rock station a couple days ago and this song was playing. Last time I had heard it was probably 8 or 9 years ago. Lets just say that I’m really glad they were playing it at that specific time! I used to love this song and I still very much do. Eric Clapton is out of this world. An incredible lyricist and phenomenal guitar player. He is another one that wheres his heart on his sleeve. He’s not afraid to share his life stories and tragedies, as you can tell with his deeply emotional song “Tears In Heaven.” This is a song about the worries of becoming obsolete to a loved one. Definitely goes down as one of my favorites of all time!


The first time I heard this song was in the movie “New York Stories.” It has such a peaceful vibe to it. One of the best road trip songs ever as well! There is something about these classic rock songs. From the way they were recorded to the raw performances. I always think to myself what these tunes would sound like if they were recorded today and I don’t think I would want to even hear it. To me this is a song about the effects of living a party lifestyle. It seems to be about an overdose. Extremely well written piece of music!


I love the vibe of this record! It really kind of makes me want to relax and smile. I also really like Post, I think he has a beautiful voice. Even though this song is just about getting rich, it makes me smile. I like the performances and vibe!


I didn’t expect to like this movie as much as I did! It really did surprise me. Such a feel good song about chasing your dreams. I mean come on, theres is nothing better than that! I think the kid in the beginning has an incredibly mature voice and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for him. Hugh Jackman and Michele Williams did an incredible job as well! I think Hugh is just such a stand up classy guy for playing this role and doing a great job at it! This movie is definitely way underrated.


A masterpiece! Originally written by Leonard Cohen. This song is about an argument with God. Essentially, It is a cry for help. I believe that God is with us at all times. There is a beautiful poem written called “Footprints” that reminds me of this song. Cohen’s words and Buckley’s performance are really a match made in heaven. Jeff’s angelic voice and seem less guitar playing make this one a contemporary standard!


Logic is owning the game right now! I like what he has to say. He is a real artist that stands up for what he believes in. All the different rap cadences in this are crazy. Definitely one to get you motivated and going! What I find pretty cool is that it is one verse made out of 44 bars. He is talking about those who doubted him and certain family troubles. Preach Logic Preach!


You can’t go wrong with The Beatles! One of my favorite Beatles song ever. Paul’s performance is incredibly passionate. Its a very short sweet song thats based on a poem called “Cradle Song.” Paul had seen sheet music for it in his fathers home one day. Even though he wasn’t able to read it, he created his own music for it. Beatles forever!


I have discovered a strong passion for musical theater over the past couple of years! Having the incredible opportunity to see this on stage was magnificent. This musical has it all. It’s funny and serious. It’s modern and old. It’s contemporary and historical. Lin tells the story of one of founding fathers through hip hop and beautifully written pieces of music like this one. This number is a cry from Hamilton’s wife, Eliza, trying to make him realize that all they need is each others Love to be happy. She sings this beautifully while Hamilton is so focused on building a nation that he can be proud of. This musical has completely changed the game that it’s a part of!


This band is the true reason why I decided to make music my career! They will always remain one of my favorites groups of all time because of songs like this! Tom and Mark’s voices are magic together! Im in love with Tom’s guitar tone in this as well. Its very clean and strong. The song is completely driven by a creative drum beat from the one and only Travis Barker. I always felt that Travis was the glue between Mark and Tom. I hope that they can resolve there issues and I can see all three of them on stage again soon! To me this is song about romance and how it’s a crazy, scary, and beautiful thing!

Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Matt LeGrand Cover)

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