Robert O’Connor Back After Five Years With Stunning New Single ‘You Found Me’

Dublin singer songwriter Robert O’Connor’s latest single, ‘You Found Me’ is out 30 March. Produced by Stuart Gray, known for his work with Hozier, and Ryan Sheridan, the track has been picking up radio support around Ireland, as well as plays in the US, Canada, Germany, and France.

An uptempo song with a slight country rhythm (the strings and guitars contribute to this as well), ‘You Found Me’ nonetheless has a rocky edge and a catchy hook. It’s the first release from O’Connor since his 2013 EP, ‘Reincarnated’, and its single ‘Resistance‘, and came about when he had an epiphany in Las Vegas, while watching a Calvin Harris show.

“I had been working two jobs and was doing a course that would lead me to office cubicle hell. At that Calvin show I felt like I was jolted back to life, it was euphoric, and in that moment I decided I had to make new music, because music is sanity for me, I need that creative outlet to feel alive”.

From that point O’Connor set about finding a producer who would bring his songs to life, and after making a call to drummer Steve Hogan, who had produced his first EP, he found the man for the job in Stuart Gray. A multi-instrumentalist and producer king of Jealoustown Studios, County Meath, he’s produced the likes of Hozier and Ryan Sheridan.

Robert says,

“I went in to meet Stuart with Steve, who I hadn’t seen in a decade, and we just got to work straight away”, Robert says, sounding altogether more optimistic than before. “I had these new songs but I was nervous about what people would think of them, I’d lost confidence in myself as a writer and a vocalist. Stuart said to me ‘If we’re going to do this, do it for you, make the music you want to make and forget about everyone outside of this studio’ and for once, I did what I was told”.

‘You Found Me’ is out on 30 March and available from iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Check out Robert online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud, as well as his official website.

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