Trip-Pop Artist Paulaa In Conversation About ‘All These Stories’

London based trip-pop artist Paulaa is making waves with her new track, ‘All These Stories’ from her upcoming EP and she tells us more about the message behind the track and her hopes for the future. 

What is the inspiration/message behind ‘All these Stories’. Is it inspired by personal experiences?

All These Stories’ is about a conversation with a person who you thought was close to you who turns out to be talking behind your back. It’s about feeling disappointed with the way someone behaved towards you and it’s about a sense of loss. It’s a scenario I’ve observed and on some level experienced myself in a moment in time.

Describe your sound in 3 words. In 3 words also describe how it’s evolved/ changed over time?

It’s not an easy question, haha, but I would say: atmospheric, contrasting, intriguing. In terms of 3 words describing how it’s evolved/changed over time…I guess I would say it became more trip, defined and experimental.

Who would say are your major musical influences?

There are quite a few… definitely Nina Simone, Prince, Massive Attack…

One song on your current playlist that you’ve played on repeat?

Let Me Down’ by Jorja Smith feat. Stormzy. It’s such a beautiful song!

What was the song-writing process like? And what was it like working with Eddie Serafica?

Eddie and I have been working together for quite some time now. We are really good friends and understand each other very well. He really understands my musical identity and I really cherish that. ‘All These Stories’ came to life really quickly. Eddie and I met in the studio and we just started improvising and experimenting with different sounds and followed what felt right. We didn’t sit down and decided on the topic of the song or didn’t discuss what we should write about. The words just came out naturally, we kind of let the song tell us what it wants to be.

What would you say is a major career highlight for you?

It would be hard to pick one particular highlight, but definitely sharing my first single ‘Commit’ from my upcoming EP was an important moment for me. I was so happy to finally share it.

What are your future ambitions?

To continue to evolve as an artist and for my music to reach and connect with as many people as it can.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who has been through the disappointment of being let down by someone close to them?

What advice would I give, mmm…I guess I would say; I think it’s important to communicate and talk before jumping to conclusions, however, if it gets to the point where the line really has been crossed and it’s hard to reconnect/trust again… I would say to stay strong and don’t be afraid to move forward, things happen and it’s important to not overwhelm our mind with negative clutter. It’s not easy, but some things we just cannot control and sometimes we just have to accept how things decide to evolve and move with the change. If the situation is unhealthy and dishonest then it’s better to just let go.

Listen to ‘All These Stories’:

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