Essential Advent Calendar: CBeebies’ Andy Day Releases Christmas Song ‘All Together (At Christmas Time)’

Opening door number 8 and we find Children’s BAFTA winning Andy Day. Andy has been presenting on CBeebies since 2007, and has been made patron of the Anti Bullying Alliance, launching his own national event, “Odd Socks Day”, which falls in November to co-incide with Anti Bullying Week. He launched his band, ‘Andy and the Odd Socks, at Glastonbury this year, and they’ve since released an album, as well as a Christmas single.

We were given the opportunity to speak to Andy.

EP: Hi Andy! I know you from when my kids watched you on CBeebies, so I’m excited to get this opportunity to speak to you! You’ve released a Christmas Single – what’s it called?

AD: It’s called ‘All Together (At Christmas Time)’ and we hope it will become a classic Christmas tune! My brand new band is called Andy and the Odd Socks and we are going for the Christmas no 2 in the charts this year! Everyone goes for number 1, so we are going for No 2 to avoid disappointment!!

EP: You’ve also got an album out – tell us about it, who’s the audience, where can we get it?

AD: It’s called Andy and the Odd Socks ‘Who Invited This Lot?’ We have aimed it at 4-8 year olds and their families! But we have found that 2- 80 year olds are enjoying it! Which is what we really wanted, a family album! You can get it on HMV, Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

EP: You’re patron of the Anti Bullying Alliance and you’ve started Odd Socks Day. How did your patronage come about, and tell us about Odd Socks Day. When is it, and what can we do to help next time?

AD: I feel very proud and privileged to be the patron of the Anti Bullying Alliance. They do amazing work to help children and young people deal with bullying. The ABA’s message is ‘All Different, All Equal’. They wanted this message to reach primary school children as the playground is where a lot of unkind behaviour can begin. Children know me from the TV so can relate and the ABA loved the song ‘Unique’ from our album which is all about encouraging children to be proud of who they are and accepting of one another. So it was the perfect fit and Unique became the theme tune for Anti Bullying Week.

Odd Socks Day came about as a vehicle to take this message further. We asked school’s up and down the country to wear odd socks for the day to show we are all different and to raise awareness and money for the ABA.

It was so successful, we will be doing it again next year and hope even more schools will take part. Will let you know once we have a date confirmed! Spreading the word is the best way anyone can help.

EP: Who are you inspirations both musically and personally?

AD: I love the Foo Fighters. Their work ethic is inspiring and they are so creative with their videos.

Personally, I have a mixture of inspirational people which ranges from Nelson Mandela to James Cracknell to Jim Carey.

EP: In the lead up to Christmas, what song can’t you get out of your head that you don’t mind, and which one do you wish you’d never hear again?

AD: I like ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’ (Wizzard).

I would get rid of ‘Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time’, only because it’s an annoying ear worm!

EP: What’s your plans for 2018?

AD: Festivals! Butlins! Our own shows! Schools Tour! Taking over the world of children’s music, essentially getting the band out there as much as possible.

Thank you for talking to us!

You can find out more about the Anti Bullying Alliance here. ‘Who Invited This Lot?’ by Andy and the Odd Socks, can be streamed, downloaded, and bought on CD (including as a signed exclusive from Amazon). Find out more information here.

Andy Day is online on Twitter, Facebook, and his official website. You can also find Andy and the Odd Socks on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out the video for ‘All Together (At Christmas Time)’:

Andy and the Odd Socks - All Together (At Christmas Time)[Official Video]


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