Peppermint Heaven – ‘Curious Things’

The release of Peppermint Heaven’s debut album, ‘Precious Things’ was met with high acclaim, with fans and critics alike amazed at their unique and truly vintage sound, with a sonic pastiche of Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, and New Order. Now they’ve returned with ‘Curious Things’, yet another authentic slice of Peppermint Heaven’s retro style (with a modern edge).

’Curious Things’, out today, sees Peppermint Heaven take their listeners on a journey of analogue synths, funky and intricate bass-lines, and syncopated guitar chords. Opening track, ‘Sun Goes Down’ is an uptempo song which sets the pace for the album: Sun-drenched indie pop, amid pastel visions of sunsets and long drives.

The album explores a range of tempos and moods, such as the melancholy and soulful, ‘Monday Morning’, a thoroughly relatable track. There’s also a seriously technical level of bass playing skill on funktastic numbers such as ‘Know Your Rights’, ‘You’, and ‘Don’t Give Up So Easy’.

‘Curious Things’ is a brave and unique take on 80s music, using contemporary production techniques. With Peppermint Heaven once again seamlessly blending the old and new, it’s a glorious album and no end of fun.

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