INSTANT LAMA – Cocteau Twins Multi-Instrumentalist Robin Guthrie Re-Mixes New Ummagma Release

Picture by Alexander Kretov

Canadian-Ukrainian space pop duo Ummagma have unveiled the new video for their collaboration with Cocteau Twins co-founder Robin Guthrie.

Taken from their forthcoming LCD EP, Lama, features Guthrie’s trademark soaring guitar arpeggios and sound washes over Shauna McLarnon‘s cool clear vocals.

Coming hot on the heels of their Winter Tale maxi-single with Rudy Tambala, of A.R. Kane, it’s Ummagma’s second hook-up with a former 4AD label luminary this year.

Shot in Sao Paulo by award-winning Brazilian videographer Dimitry Uziel, the video is a dazzling visual interpretation of a song, which originally featured on the Ontario-based band’s debut album Antigravity.

Formed after McLarnon met Ukrainian multi-instrumentalist Alexander Kretov in Moscow, Ummagma also secured the talents of  SPC ECO mainman Dean Garcia (ex-Curve) on a couple of tracks on their new EP.

A wistful ethereal tune, with haunting, almost whalesong vocals, LCD is transformed by Garcia into a haunting percussive mantra, which sounds like a different song entirely,

Both versions of LCD are available on the new EP, which is out next month and serves as a taster for  Ummagma’s crowdfunded album scheduled for the Autumn.

Garcia also takes the mixing reins on Back To You, a sinister industrial sound sculpture vaguely reminiscent of Massive Attack‘s Karmacoma.


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