Brett Gleason – ‘Alive’ And ‘Expiration Date’

Three years ago Brett Gleason made his musical debut with an album featuring five distinct videos. Now he’s back with his new album, ‘Manifest’, which with its themes common to all humanity, love, loss, death, and time, should certainly appeal to most people.

Brett’s journey hasn’t been an easy one, and is a reflection of his own personal torments, and the struggle to overcome them. Growing up with a speech impediment, he was isolated during much of his early life due to his inability to communicate. He turned to instruments and lyricism in order to express himself, and followed this up with fiction degree from New School University, in New York City. Brett faced further isolation when he came out as a gay artist and sufferer of bipolar disorder. Nonetheless he reflects all these issues in his writing and music, and considers composed sound, along with the written word, to be the most powerful form of artistic expression. In addition to his music, Brett frequently writes for Huffington Post, as an outlet for his frustration, hopelessness, and fear.

The video for ‘Alive’ sees Brett waking on a deserted beach, wearing only a white shirt and unsure of how he came to be there. Walking along he soon comes upon his ring, necklace, and guitar, which all help to rebuild his confidence, and he is then able to reclaim to dreams. Brett sings to the sky with his guitar, before returning to the ocean, where he disappears under the water.

‘Expiration Date’ is a sombre look into the melodrama of lost love, and heartbreak. Brett is in a graveyard, mourning the loss of his lover, in a beautifully moving black and white clip, interposed between shots of him and his lover in happier times. Strong piano and other string and percussive instruments are the perfect accompaniment to Brett’s vibrato. Moving and bittersweet, we’re taken deep into Gleason’s soul and feel his absolute anguish and torment.

Find out more about Brett Gleason online on his official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. ‘Manifest’ is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Alive - Brett Gleason (Official Video)
Expiration Date  - Brett Gleason (Official Video)

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