Scottish Teen Talent Lisa Kowalski Releases Debut EP

17-year-old singer Lisa Kowalski’s EP reflects the twists and turns in the journey of an awkward kid struggling to find her place, her people and herself. With an uncanny ability to pick up tunes by ear in moments, she thinks of music as her safe place and her means of connecting with others.

Lisa’s songs written from ages 14 to 16,  are a mix of pop, modern country, originals and covers of a range of artists, from mainstream to niche.

The last three years have seen her reach new heights as an entertainer. From performing in front of large crowds to debut festival appearances in 2016 with performances at Pandorafest, Mugstock and the prestigious WinterStorm Festival to releasing an EP of original songs.

Backed and partly funded by the Paisley 2021 City of Culture Lisa’s EP, released on 21 April gained widespread interest from local and on-line radio stations.

The EP  consists of songs which are honest, straight from the heart, and reflective of her Lisa’s personal experiences.

The earliest of them is the song, ‘Looking But Not Finding’  which tells a tale of unrequited love across the big divide of fourth year to sixth year.

‘The Very End’ is a song of defiance written about and sang for the first time live directly in the face of a mean girl and her cronies who heckled Lisa at an Open Mic.

‘Free Spirits’ is all about Lisa’s determination to be herself and follow her own path. This song was performed live-the day after it was written at St Mirren FC stadium to an audience of almost 5000.

The most recent song, written by Lisa to reflect her strong connection with and her gratitude towards her home town of Paisley – is ‘Heart of Gold’.

Her creative and intelligent songwriting has given Lisa many opportunities to collaborate with established Scottish artists, such as James Grant (Love and Money), who described her as a “song writer of great maturity and poise, with all the skills” and Savage Cut-the Livingston based punk band in the recently released single “Stand” which with its anti-oppression and anti-discrimination message has been very well received.

Additionally, being a massive fan of Taylor Swift has led Lisa to organise a “Ten Years of Taylor Swift” a majorly successful event which brings together the best musicians in Scotland to celebrate the success of Taylor Swift held first in August 2016, followed by second in January 2017. Lisa has also performed in several charity events.

All of Lisa’s hard work and success has caught the attention of an independent recording label with whom she is currently recording new music.

Find Lisa Kowalski online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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