Rebecca Black – ‘The Great Divide’

Rebecca Black became an internet sensation in 2011 at the young age of 13, with her song ‘Friday’. For good or bad, everyone had heard of her. And now she’s back, with her song, ‘The Great Divide’.

Now about to turn 20, Rebecca is moving away from her previous songs ‘Friday’ and ‘Saturday’.

‘The Great Divide’ was released on August 26th 2016, and was her first release of new material in almost 3 years.

‘The Great Divide’ is a single only release, as of yet not from an album. It’s essentially a breakup song, but clever lyrics conceal the theme well beautifully, and with depth:

You go where the wind blows
Destroying everyone on your path
I’m done feeding your ego
Forgetting everything that we had

From the first line we are able to imagine the circumstances of the situation. If someone goes where the wind blows, it gives you the impression that the person is not a reliable person. The song makes you think it is about Rebecca’s possible ex-boyfriend, and we’re drawn into the story.

More mature in content than her previous releases, ‘The Great Divide’ comes with a music video which shows Black dancing around a warehouse filled with colourful smoke, as she croons the lyrics to her new song.

Rebecca really owns this song: it’s not as “pop” based as her other releases. She has incorporated various genres to give her song a different feel, and by doing so has pushed herself out of her comfort zone.

With its catchy beat and chorus ‘The Great Divide’ really draws you in, and makes you want to keep replaying it. Rebecca’s voice has become better and better, and a song such a ‘The Great Divide’ really gives her the opportunity to show this.

“The Great Divide,” is very much on-trend with its emotional lyrics, electronic production and mega-drop.

With over 1.3 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, Rebecca Black had no trouble finding support for the song, with her followers clearly loving it. To date the video has had just under 500,000 views. Rebecca has also released a remix of ‘The Great Divide’ for those who prefer songs in the electronic genre.

Overall, we think that Rebecca has really pushed herself with this song and she has done herself proud. The song is a big hit.

Listen to the original ‘The Great Divide’ here:

Rebecca Black - The Great Divide (Special Message + Music Video)

Find ‘The Great Divide’ on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play Store. Rebecca Black is online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can see the Remix here:

Rebecca Black - The Great Divide (Crash Cove Remix)

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