David Mark Bulley – ‘Prologue’

David Mark Bulley is a London based singer and songwriter. Although he is a UK based artist, David has accumulated a strong following in Poland as well interest in countries such as France and Japan.

Summer 2017 sees David release his new EP ‘Prologue’, an 11-track offering which has been carefully woven together to tell David’s personal story.

‘Prologue’ has something for everyone, it has ballads that will pull at your heart strings, and anthems which will make you want to dance. The EP perfectly illustrates David’s versatility as an artist.

Our favourite track on his EP, ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ is the EPs second track, for which a music  video was released in March. David’s considerable vocal talent makes it easy to listen to, his voice matching perfectly with the rhythm of the instruments. The narrative of the music video goes well with the uptempo beat of the song. It is definitely an anthem which makes you want to get up and dance.

Another favourite is track 3, ‘Kaleidoscope’. Different to the preceding track, it’s more of a ballad and a little slower in tempo. David’s voice really suits this type of song, the lyrics are beautiful. We must also mention a couple of other favourites, ‘Black Rainbow’ and ‘Lions’.

‘Prologue’ is set for release tomorrow, 9th June 2017.  We enjoyed it a lot and feel there’s something for everyone in it.

You can stream ‘Prologue’ on Spotify. Find David Mark Bulley online on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Check out the video for ‘Where Do We Go From Here’:

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