Joe Innes and The Cavalcade Release ‘Little Rabbit’

Joe Innes and The Cavalcade release their new single, ‘Little Rabbit’, ahead of their album ‘Foreign Domestic Policy’ out Friday 26th of May 2017.

The track, a politically driven manifesto of the post Brexit shakeup, is a time-warp back to the 80s-style of music.

The indie-rock band have also released the video for the new single, featuring the very best of British government members.

With capsules of David Cameron, Theresa May, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson behind a trumpet leading symphony of what seems to be a very up-beat British tune.

‘Little Rabbit’ clever attaches lyrics like, ‘look what Eton Mess has done’, a clear reference to Boris Johnson.

The song jabs at the government’s laps in proper leadership and our nation’s lack of confidence in the up and coming elections.

The song is similar to that of Madness, ‘Baggy Trousers’, with its quirky use of electric guitar, matched with a popping trumpet and heavy beating drums.

Joe Innes and The Cavalcade are set to release album, ‘Foreign Domestic Policy’ this Friday 26th May 2017. The album sticks its almost political debate and opinions. Expect relevant lyrics followed by an Eric Clapton style of solos to keep your feet tapping and your finger on replay.

Joe Innes & The Cavalcade - Little Rabbit (Official Video)

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