Six Quick Questions For INNER CALL

We recently featured the video for ‘Gravity’, the new song by Italian band, INNER CALL. We were so intrigued that we decided to ask them six quick questions.

EP: What is the INNER CALL story? What does the name mean and how did you come together?

IC: INNER CALL has came natural when we decided to identify ourselves put together in what we wanted to do. The wolf symbolises power, when you are feeling lost and do not know where to go, he guides you, he will be your protector as you make your journey on a new unexplored path. So we listened our “inner call” and start to follow our path (dream).

Two years ago three of us were looking for a drummer, it would have been the sixth one from our previous line-ups. We auditioned Tiziano and after two months of rehearsals he instantly became a permanent member, hopefully the definitive drummer.

Officially we started seriously all together at the beginning of 2015. It was clearly from the start that we wanted the same things, it was never been an hobby for us, it’s a common passion and an urgent need to express ourselves with what we love most in the world.

EP: We loved the song, ‘Gravity’, and were especially impressed by the video. Was it the band’s decision to have it shot in 4K, or did the director decide that (we think it’s a brilliant decision)? What is the story of the song, and how does the video relate to it?

IC: First of all thank you, we’re happy that you enjoyed it. The director of the video was Simone Vrech, a video maker and producer from our our region Friuli Venezia Giulia, his video production company is called MOVE11. Simone is the one who suggested us to shot the video in 4K, so it was a winning idea.

The shootings began last spring in the city of Trieste both for the outdoor and indoor scenes and at the director’s home in the city of Udine. He used advanced green screen techniques and 3D modelling too, so we’ve been able to work with many more variants to carry on the plot and realise the entire story as we wanted to tell. The leading actors were two local models that have identified themselves immediately in the story of a boy and a girl which, when they meet at some point, the surrounding gravity fails. So it’s glaring that something’s happening when they meet.

The video took tons of work but when all the visuals came up together we were all amazed and satisfied.

EP: You all have diverse musical influences – how does that work when it comes to making music for Inner Call?

IC: It’s easier to say that we listen to every kind of music. From extreme metal to classic music. A lot of electronic music and jazz as well as pop and rock. Individually we grew up with completely different genres and you can listen these elements mashed up in our songs.

Being in a band is like having multiple relationships simultaneously so it’s not simple to reach an agreement all the time, but it’s in these moments of discussion that our songs take shape and the magic happens. We all are into the writing process so usually a song comes up from a guitar melody or from a drum pattern or a particular sound like a synth or an electronic instrument or simply from a phrase or lyric that’s floating on the singer’s mind. 

EP: What is your opinion of the current state of the music industry?

IC: There’s little to add to what has already been said about this topic. From our experience and knowledge, we can say that the rules and the modality of the music industry are changed  quickly in the recent years, thanks to internet and to different ways of listen to and benefit music.

We’re not saying that this change it’s positive or negative, it’s a normal evolution. And if you want to make music and get a a chance to turn it from the simple passion that moves you to something’s important and extraordinary for you and for people and fans, you better play the game and keep working hard on it.

Especially now, the television variety shows are the widest venue for popular music.

So both major and independent labels are based and focused on them and that’s the problem because it should be the opposite. There are many great bands that propose a large variety on genres and choose to play and invest in their music, trying to emerge in the big music scene, but as we all know it’s never so easier, that’s a common topic nowadays.

However we believe that good music always find is way and the passion is increasingly recognised sooner or later.

EP: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently, and why?

IC: Differently nothing. We wouldn’t change a thing. Ever.

We are who we are because of the struggles, failures and fights we have experienced. Only through such difficulties we have become better persons and musicians and to go back and change those things would mean that we are not happy with the results.

We are still a young band and the things we have gone through, individually and as a band in these two years, have shaped the foundations of our beliefs.

As we said before we immediately dove in our project and the only thing that maybe we

would change is to be known each other before.   

EP: What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?

The one that receives an answer that nobody expects!

Download ‘Gravity’ from iTunes and Amazon, and stream on Spotify. You can find INNER CALL online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Inner Call - Gravity (Official Music Video)

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