Essential Advent Calendar: Blink – ‘Happy Christmas 22 (I Still Miss You)’

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Where has the year gone! It’s December 1 again and so we’re bringing back our Essential Advent Calendar!


Today’s door reveals Irish band Blink, noted for their mixture of humour and comedy, the first band to be pictured on a telephone card, and most famously, for being the reason Blink-182 had to add the numbers to their name.

The band has announced plans to re-release all three of their critically acclaimed albums next year – ‘A Map Of The Universe By Blink’, first issued in 1994; ‘The End Is Nigh’ (1998), and ‘Deep Inside The Sound Of Sadness (2004), all on their Garage Records label. To celebrate the re-release of, ‘A Map Of The Universe’ on March 3, Blink are releasing ‘Happy Christmas 22 (I Still Miss You)’, on December 18.

The band said,

“To mark the re-release of the entire Blink catalogue, the original Christmas song has been at long last been released as a single – 22 years behind schedule it would seem, although the title would suggest that this was the plan all along!?

Never a band to run with the standard way of doing things, we’ve avoided many requests to see the song issued as a single in its own right, and up until now it has only been available on “A Map Of The Universe By Blink”.
The recording features John O’Neill of The Undertones on guitar, alongside Steve Hillage.

‘Happy Christmas 22 (I Still Miss You)’ is dedicated to Aiden Lambert, brother of Dermot Lambert, and the effervescent mastermind behind Blink’s many adventures and releases, who sadly passed away just before Christmas 2015.”

You can find out more about Blink online on their Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud accounts.

BLINK - Happy Christmas 22 (I still miss you)

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