The Essential Advent Calendar: December 18


Day 17 on the Essential Advent Calendar, and we have celebrated singer-songwriter Tori Amos, who released her brand new festive EP, ‘Christmastide’ on December 4, via Decca Records, a special collection of four original tracks to celebrate the holiday season with her fans.

The album was released digitally and on limited edition vinyl with stunning illustrations by graphic artist Rantz Hosely along with a special Christmas Card and message from Tori, available exclusively on Tori’s online store.

‘Christmastide’ is quintessentially Tori, with each track weaving together her thoughtful lyrics, haunting melodies and magical soundscapes. The EP is a celebration of hope and togetherness, featuring her trademark vocals and piano. It also sees the return of her long-time musical collaborators, drummer Matt Chamberlain and bassist Jon Evans.

In what has been an incredibly unexpected, turbulent and for many, a very divisive year, Tori wanted to create a safe space for her fans to reflect on the challenges the world has had to face.

Sharing a sentiment of encouragement, unity and strength, Tori says,

“With ‘Christmastide’ it was important to be positive and to try and lift people’s spirits. It’s a time of year that should be joyful with family and friends but also can sadly be a very lonely place for some. Many families will be unable to be together this year because of the Pandemic as well as many that are also dealing with the aftermath of a long and bitter US Election. I hope these songs contained in this beautiful package can be a small treat to help along the way.”

Like many other artists, Tori was forced to cancel events including her May book signing tour in support of her New York Times Bestseller, ‘RESISTANCE’. She wants ‘Christmastide’ to reflect the gratitude she feels towards her fans, who have shown their unconditional support and understanding. She says, “We will get through these tough times together with strength in unity and hope.”

‘Christmastide’ is out now on Decca Records.

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