Shawn Mendes, The Hippodrome, London – October 26


On October 26 I went with my friend Devin to see the amazing Shawn Mendes performing at the Hippodrome in Kingston. We arrived about half an hour before doors were set to open to find an incredible amount of people already there, some of them having even spent the night out there in the cold. Bear in mind this is the end of October we’re talking about here!

We went to get ourselves some food because we thought that by the time we got there the queue would already be inside as there weren’t supposed to be that many people there to start with. Well, I guess the joke was on us. When we got back the queue went all the way around the building and across the road, which is where we started our two hour queuing time.

Once we finally got in it was now a matter of finding a place to stand and watch the show that had been supposed to start thirty minutes before. We found a spot where we couldn’t really see very well but if we stood on our tippy toes and the people in front of us didn’t move then we could actually manage to see something. After another thirty minutes waiting and the concert now being one hour delayed Shawn finally came on stage, accompanied by a very loud shriek of screaming teenagers.

We sang so much I barely had any voice left when we were leaving. The concert was good, really good. Shawn does this thing where he gives the crowd this cheeky smile whenever he’s singing and it makes all of us melt in to a little puddle of joy. He has a great voice, great songs and such an amazing amount of passion and talent that it would make anyone jealous.

The set was only six songs which gave us half an hour of Shawn magic. He sang ‘Three Empty Words’, ‘Ruin’, the crowd favourite, ‘Treat You Better’, my personal favourite, ‘Mercy’, doing the beginning of the acoustic and dropping the base on the second verse, which I personally thought was very clever of him; and he finished off with a piano version of ‘Stitches’ after including us all in his snapchat.

All in all, apart from the management of ticket sales and other events management things, the concert was great, and Shawn gave 100% on that stage and I think that’s all any fangirl could ask for.

Until next time Shawn.

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