Peppermint Heaven Give Us Their Top Studio Tips!


Back in December last year we introduced you to Peppermint Heaven and their album, ‘Precious Things’.

Released in late January, it has a real 80s vibe about it, with the band’s influences including, but not exclusive to, The Pet Shop Boys and Psychedelic Furs. Even the album title harks back to The Smiths’ song, ‘The Queen Is Dead’.

With a lot of years under their belt in the music business, we thought it would be nice for Peppermint Heaven to give some advice. Here’s their top tips for working in the studio!

1.  Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.  We always like to be completely prepared – knowing what we’re going to play before we go in helps make the session most productive.  We were able to record basic tracks and vocals for the Precious Things album in three days which is something we’re quite proud of.

2.  When you’re locked in keep recording.  When we feel we’re getting into a good groove, we always record another take right away to keep the magic going.

3.  Confidence is key.  This is so true – especially when recording vocals.  Lack of confidence will show right through and you don’t want that!

4.  Don’t be afraid to switch gears if it’s not working.  Sometimes when you get the studio, a track may simply not work as well as it does live.  Be open to making changes on the fly to make it work.

5.  Improvise.  Some of the best moments can come from an improvised part.  Let your creative juices flow.  Get your rehearsed parts down, but then try something completely on the fly.

6.  Look at the big picture.  Always imagine how your instrumental or vocal part with fit into the arrangement as a whole.  This is key to recording a great track.

7.  Record only your best.  Take only your best songs into the studio.  Be selective and objective. You don’t want to waste time and money.  Focus, focus, focus!

Check out Peppermint Heaven online on Twitter, Facebook and their website. Be sure to check out all their releases on iTunes, as well as their Soundcloud:

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