Meet Luka Megurine

Luka Megurine

Meet Luka Megurine, 20 year old virtual pop star, with a super powerful set of lungs.

Luka is the 3rd vocaloid coming from the same company that owns Hatsune Miku. (If you’re not sure who that is then click this.)  Like Miku, her first voice bank was released on the 2nd version of the Vocaloid software.

Luka is different to the others in her own special way, Luka was the Miku before Miku.  When Luka was being developed she was originally going to be named “Hatsune Miku,” however developers had other ideas for Miku and that is how Luka was born.

Luka is the first female bilingual Vocaloid.  She was the first Vocaloid to be able to sing in both English and in Japanese.  This plan was originally saved for Miku but was given to Luka so that she would have her own ‘unique’ trait.

This song is called Last of Me and is written by American mixer CircusP.

Luka has been on tour with Miku a lot over the past couple of years, in fact she gets her own part of the show because, if your like me, you love Luka very much.  She has sang many song live just like Miku and has a very big fan following as well.  Luka is normally the singer that would calm the concert down about half way through the concert, for Miku to come back on and wind fans up again.

Luka has over 400 original songs and has over 500 fan covers of songs that she might not have originally sang.  Her voice bank is one of the hardest to use but is also one of the most fun, and best sounding when used correctly. She would be a fan favourite when it comes to writing duets with Miku and the other vocaloids.

This called Leia and is written by mixer Yuyoyuppe. This was sang live in Miku’s Magical Mirai back in 201 in Tokyo.

It might seem the Luka has some of the darker songs withing the VocaFamily, however she does have a number of funny songs, such as one called “Iya Iya Seyin,”  which i am still trying to figure out she is singing about, but the video for it is very funny. And of course if you want to hear more from Luka then just type her name in YouTube.

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  1. Actually, Meiko was the first Vocaloid that Crypton (the company that made Miku) released, back in 2004

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