LEL Brothas “Bad Guy” ft. Coolio


Hip Hop artists LEL Brothas are known for their fierce, hardhitting style, seen most recently in the video for their track, ‘Mr. My Way’. Now Nytmare, CB5 and DJ Clone are back, and with their new track ‘Bad Guy’, they show that they’re far more than just a flash in the pan – they’re here for the long haul.

Putting their stamp on history in 2011 when they became the first American hip hop group to perform in Saudi Arabia, as ambassadors for the US State Department, the Arizona trio have also performed in a dozen other countries, featured in Rock Band 3, and now, bring a famous friend to their new single and video – none other than Coolio!

The video for ‘Bad Guy’ examines the process of the American justice system, with all its flaws. The Brothas are featured in their orange jumpsuits, behind bars, while the stories unfurl of how they came to be there. Each has been sent to jail for the wrong reasons: Nytmare’s self-defense went wrong; DJ Clone framed for domestic assault; and DB5 trusting the wrong people in his home. All three know that although they’re not supposed to be in there, they need to do bad things in order to survive Inside.

Coolio is on the Outside, with the mission to remind anyone who may have doubted that because he’s enjoying the good life of fame and fortune, he is still bad. As in bad in the bad, not bad in the good!

It’s a sad but altogether too realistic story about the state of the prison system in the United States.

In the words of the band’s video description:

“Sometimes no matter how hard you try in life society labels you the bad guy. Watch the LEL Brothas fight against situations and stand up for what is right….. Only for society to label them the ‘Bad Guys!'”

You can find out more about LEL Brothas online on their official website, Facebook, and Twitter.

LEL Brothas - Bad Guy ft. Coolio

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