Yachtley Crew Announce New EP ‘Seas The Day’

Earlier this week, the seven-man outfit announced their debut EP, titled ‘Seas The Day’, releasing on July 14th on Mailboat Records. The Yachtley Crew, also known as the Titans of Soft Rock, perform their own style of rock called Yacht Rock, and remix classic songs such as Toto’s ‘Africa’, and the Bee Gees’ ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ in this style, which has gained them a substantial fan base. Now, the group are focusing on creating their own original music, starting with the band’s first original song, titled ‘Sex On The Beach’.

The Californian crew first burst onto the scene in 2017, touring local venues in the state with their novel style and putting a loveable twist on iconic songs across different genres. Behind the scenes, they’ve been working hard on not just remixing older music, but making new, original music in their Yacht Rock style, including, but not limited to, ‘Sex On The Beach’, a song with an accompanying music video featuring iHeart host Mario Lopez. The band are also going on an ‘Anchors Up’ tour to go along with the release of ‘Seas The Day’ to promote their music and gain well-deserved recognition.

The EP itself is a six-track release produced by Grammy-winning producer Chris Lord-Alge and includes ‘Sex On The Beach’ along with 5 other Yacht Rock remixes. The Yachtley Crew have delivered a great album here – even if it is relatively short, they have still done a phenomenal job of it, creating an album that fans and new listeners alike can enjoy – especially their original song, which has an unmatched level of creativity. This EP is just a snippet of what’s yet to come – the Yachtley Crew have a lot more music left in them.

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