Valient Thorr Go To The Other Side Of The ‘Looking Glass’ With New Single And European Tour


Accompanied by a fun music video featuring some pretty hairy special effects, North Carolina band Valient Thorr rock their way through the equally fun song, ‘Looking Glass’, with its premise of an alien travelling light years to get a painting…a very special painting.

Valient Thorr are just as fun as their video suggests. Their premise is that they originally came from Venus, crash landing on Earth in 2000, and forming a heavy metal band in order to while away the time.

The band is famous for their van – which of course features in this video – which enables them to travel through time and space. The video rocks its way through America’s Bible Belt, and even features a special guest appearance by Bonesnapper, from American hardcore band, GWAR.

The song, ‘Looking Glass’, is itself very catchy, with the “Mirror mirror do you see, who’s that looking back at me” chorus, and the jangly guitars staying with the listener long after the song has finished.

Valient Thorr’s latest album, ‘Old Salt’, the follow up to their 2013 release, ‘Our Own Masters’ (described by All-Music guide as “a breath of refreshing, if sweaty, air”), takes up where ‘Masters’ left off, and continues with catchy choruses, thumping drums, soaring strings, and subtly inclusive lyrics. The video was made by Jethro Waters, himself a frequent collaborator with Valient Thorr. Frontman Valient Himself says of the video:

Best video basically ever. And that’s not because it’s ours. “Thriller?” Get outta here. “November Rain?” Never heard of it.  The one by Wax with the dude on fire that Spike Jonze did in like ’95? Blows it away.

I’m just being full of shit. Making these last couple videos with our old friend Jethro Waters have been a blast. If you watch all the way to end of this trippy video, you’ll see a cameo that may set off a weird crossover story that needs to happen. Much love to Gamera, Bone Snapper, & Onion Turtle.


Valient Thorr are preparing themselves for their European tour, which starts on November 30 at the Melkweg, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and sees them perform in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, and winding up on December 18, at The Academy, Manchester. Further information and tickets are available from their official website.

‘Old Salt’ is available from Napalm Records, as well as from iTunes. You can find Valient Thorr online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


VALIENT THORR - Looking Glass (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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