The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Misterminchie

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This week’s Essential Playlist comes from Misterminchie, one half of Bristol Electronic band, This Human Condition.

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ETHEREAL POP ‘Fade Away’ – Susanne Sundfør

A 2015 Perfect Pop Song that in an ideal world would be a massive hit. Beautifully sums up a Good Relationship.

Susanne Sundfør - Fade Away (Official video)

GANGSTER POP ‘Skwod’ – Nadia Rose

Loving the new material by this lady. Great Rap. Killer Hook. Great for the car especially.

Nadia Rose - Skwod (Official Video)

TRANSCENDENTAL POP ‘Let It Happen’ – Tame Impala

After seeing them at Glastonbury this year, went insane for this track! The breakdown at 3:50 onwards is outstanding.

Tame Impala - Let It Happen (Official Video)

ANTHEMIC POP ‘The Age of Love’ – The Age of Love

We have a couple of Progressive Trance House Tracks. Both fans of this style. This is my definitive one. Anthemic.

The Age Of Love - The Age Of Love

EPIC POP ‘Heads Will Roll’ – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Always been a big fan of Karen O. When they introduced Synths to their sound, I was shocked. That “Dylan goes Electric” moment for me. This second single from that third album helped me adapt. Essential Tune for any collection.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Official Music Video)

DIRTY POP ‘Closer’ (Album Version) – Nine Inch Nails

As a Producer, I take a lot of time trying to add as much atmosphere that builds throughout the track. This is a great example of that. Interesting subject matter too.

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 FUNKY POP ‘Jerk Out #3′ – The Time

One of Prince’s Band Creations. Very Prince Sounding this one too. Just such a fantastic party vibe. Silly Macho Lyrics to have a laugh singing along to too. Play Very Loud.

The Time - Mo' Jerk Out

CONTEMPLATIVE POP ‘If I Believe You’ – The 1975

Again another Prince sounding track by this new band. Really like the lyrics here about religion. I had a brush with religion in my early 20s. This song sums up beautifully the worldview we can have that can make us care deeply about finding relevance in our lives.

The 1975 - If I Believe You LYRICS

ETERNAL POP ‘It Doesn’t Matter To Him’ – John Grant

We both share a great love for John Grant’s music. Pure Class in all areas of songwriting. The heartbreak in this song is exquisite. The Synth Solo at 4:14 gets me every time. Truly Epic Song.

John Grant - It Doesn't Matter To Him

THE POP BALLAD ‘Sometimes In Snows In April’ – Prince & the Revolution

Only right I should finish with a Prince song. My Big Artist Love of my life. When he was at his best, he could be transcendental. A guy who could make you feel on many occasions that your own songwriting is worthy of the trash icon on your computer. Here’s a Classic Ballad that became the big tune apart from Purple Rain when he died earlier this year. I still feel the loss. The emotions. A real fabric of my musical life. A life cut too short. And I’m convinced he was starting to get creatively more interesting again in the last few years as he gave production duties over to others. So sad to see you go Prince.

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Check out This Human Condition’s new video, ‘Telepathic Heights’, released in June, and taken from their debut album, ‘Project Zero’, available on iTunes.
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You can find This Human Condition online on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Instagram.

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