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Australian singer songwriter Guy Sebastian released his single, ‘Candle’ on September 9. We caught up with Guy and gave him the Essentially Pop Six Quick Questions treatment.

EP: Your new song ‘Candle’ is really different to your previous releases, it’s a far heavier, D&B feel – what’s the thinking behind that one (and we really like it, btw)?

GS: I think as a song it’s still a simple soulful melody/lyric but when the chorus hits it’s quite a powerful emotional wall of sound! I like how the heaviness of the production contrasts the simple message of the song which is really just a “no one compares” message.

EP: You’ve been on both sides of the talent show spectrum, as a contestant on Australian Idol (I was cheering you on!) and as a judge on X Factor – what advice do you have for anyone who is contemplating taking that route?

GS: The industry is very dynamic and changes a lot. When I went on a show 13 years ago there wasn’t a lot of options to get signed as a new artist. The whole thing was very new and I was very green to it all to say the least. I have no regrets as I probably wouldn’t be typing this answer had I not gone on the show.

I think the danger is to think that going on something like a show or radio competition is going to set you up as an artist. It might make you a bit famous but who really gives a 💩 about that when the talent and songs are 👎 . It’s about working hard and coming out with an inspiring fresh sound that is unique to you not going to red carpet events, but spending time in the studio mastering your craft.

EP: You took some time out last year to regroup – what do you feel you’ve learned, and how has it affected your music?

GS: The best thing you can do if you have been working for a while in any field especially music is to reconnect with why you got into that field in the first place.

It’s that feeling you get when you discover an artist as a kid. The feeling when you discover that song you play on repeat but still hear different things each time. If you find that then you get a hunger to give others that feeling with your own music. Otherwise you are just trying to chase something whether it be relevance or whatever.

EP: Outside Australia, you’ve seen some success in the US and Europe – now you’re about to break the UK. Are you doing things differently this time? What’s your audience like over here? And when can we expect to see you touring the UK?

GS: I think the only difference is I don’t really care about what music other people think I should be making. I’ve done what I want on this album and whether or not it gets played is beyond my control. I have made the best album I know how to make and I believe in it 100% so I’ve done my part. I’m proud of it.

EP: We put the word out on Facebook that we were asking you 6 quick questions and got this back: 

What impact do you feel the NSW lockout laws are having on Live music, in Sydney in particular?

GS: It sux it really does. It’s extremely short sighted and unjustified. So many of my friends including band members are seeing venues they have performed in for decades closed and areas that once had a thriving live scene are now dead. When it comes to culture and art, Sydney (in comparison to other cities) has always been branded more corporate than cultured and this is only going to make it worse.

If there is nowhere for musicians to gig then being a musician has no incentive or financial viability and they will eventually move for love of their art. That art should stay in Sydney to create life, atmosphere, and a culture we are proud of.

EP: So – what are Australia’s chances for Eurovision next year? 🙂

GS: Ha after Dami almost took it out this year anything is possible. I still rate Eurovision as the most fun positive gig I have ever been part of.

‘Candle’ was released on September 9. You can find Guy Sebastian online on Twitter, Facebook,Instagram, and his official website. Guy’s Snapchat is guysebastianoff.

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