Steve Aoki Is Back On Top With Fourth And Final Release From 4OKI

4OKIToday marks the release of Steve Aoki’s club-oriented opus, ‘4OKI’. In conjunction with some of his record label, Dim Mak’s most promising talents, Aoki sets the dancefloor on fire with his forward thinking four-track EP. 

The release is accompanied and complemented by a 4-part Rashomon-style short film series, directed by visual artist David “Yarvo” Yarovevsky, and starring model Shaun Ross, as well as vlogger Malibu Dollface. The videos take a visual trek through Los Angeles’ underground, with outfitting by The Well, featuring their signature wardrobe, as well as special selections from the Dim Mak Collection, and Frenemy.

The Wall Street Journal yesterday premiered ‘Kids’, the music video for Steve’s collaboration with MORTEN, the fourth and final video of the series.

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‘Kids’ sees the end of an active month for Aoki, which saw him return to his club roots with the release, one per week, of each of these four groundbreaking tracks. the first, ‘ILYSM’, the Brandy-sampled future house collab with Autoerotique, was labelled by MTV as, “a certified banger”. This was followed on week two by the bass house jam, ‘Dope Girlz’, which saw him join forced with Dim Mak’s Shaun Frank. The video premiered on Harper’s Bazaar’s website, with Billboard lauding it for its genre-breaking conventions and challenging of gender roles.

The third week saw ‘Bring The Funk Back’, a high-energy club track which Aoki produced alongside Reid Stefan, and dropped at Tomorrowland, to a pumped up crowd. ‘Kids’ more than ably rounds off the month, with MORTEN stepping up to the mark with Aoki for this bass-heavy electro masterpiece.

You can buy and stream ‘Kids’ from here, while ‘4OKI’ is available to buy and stream from here.

Check out all four videos from ‘4OKI’:

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