Charlyn Releases Debut Single ‘Marylise’

Cj4YIuSWsAA4TOtSwiss singer/songwriter Charlyn releases a stunning first single, ‘Marylise’, off her upcoming debut EP. ‘Marylise’ is a great first introduction into the fun electro pop sound of Charlyn whom has a familiarity to artists such as Chvrchs and Brighton’s own Fickle Friends. Now based out of London Charlyn is ready to take her eclectic mix of indie pop and 80’s inspired songs on tour to Western Europe and Switzerland.

‘Marylise’ shows to be very promising as the first single off the debut EP.  The beat is energetic and uplifting with fluid instrumentation and vocals that are soft and soothing but also fun and vibrant.  ‘Marylise’ has the perfect blend of soft melodic parts that build up to strong upbeat rhythmic parts and create an appealing dynamic to the song.

Although Charlyn is known as a solo artist, her co-performers and her studied together and are quite cohesive. Robin, George, and Thomas all met Charlyn in 2012 whilst studying at the British & Irish Modern Music Institute. The new EP that they set forth to release features songs about love and human stories set to spacious instrumentation and rhythmic 80’s pop beats.
During an interview with Charlyn she described her new single as
“a summery pop song, telling the story of a woman pretending to have ‘the perfect life’, however wanting to escape and live the life of someone else.”
Charlyn will celebrate the release of her debut EP on June 15th at The Half Moon in Putney, London at 8:00. Over the summer Charlyn plans to take Western Europe by storm, playing four shows in London and also appearances in Switzerland.
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For more music and info on Charlyn and the upcoming album check out her iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter.
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