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With her new single ‘Copycat (Girlfriend)’ Australian songstress Melissa James returns to the world of pop music with bags of attitude and a catchy pop rock vibe.

Light on lyrics but heavy on sound ‘Copycat’ has a fun, ballsy and catchy feel to it making it really obvious to spot influences such as Pink and Chrissie Amphlett. Melissa is no stranger to the music industry scoring a top 20 hit in the ARIA dance charts back in the 90’s with a single entitled ‘Baby Come Back’ and now she’s back putting in plenty of time and effort alongside her musical partner (Shane Ryall) to continue writing and producing music on a weekly basis.

‘Copycat’ (Girlfriend) is produced and written by Melissa as part of this process and definitely slots straight into the throwback, upbeat pop market with more emphasis placed on creating the right attitude, vibe and persona than creating a sonically interesting or vocally appealing song. That is not to say that Melissa does not posses a strong or interesting voice just that it is difficult to spot anything more than a slightly dated, albeit catchy, vocal line in this equally as dated track.

There will be many people that will no doubt enjoy this song and I can definitely see it being a favourite among young girls of a certain age bracket, but in honesty it all feels a little too much in the past for me to be really interested in listening any more than I have to. That said, it will be very interesting to hear what further material Melissa’s weekly writing and production has yielded as if she can keep the quality up, the catchiness present, and the attitude plentiful, then I’m sure she will carve a very nice, loyal fan base out for herself.
‘Copycat(Girlfriend)’ was launched alongside a great live band on the 12th May at the iconic St Kilda Venue, The Vineyard. For more info on this single and Melissa’s future work check out her very active Facebook Page.

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