Jrob Is Anything But ‘Gone’ With New Single


Jequane Roberts, performing as Jrob, hails from Belleville, Michigan. Passionate and driven, Jrob takes a unique approach to his music, epitomised by his latest release, ‘Gone’.

Jrob started out as producer and engineer for duo, MirImage, which he founded in 2007 with high school friend JeVon Lewis. The pair are inspired by 80s-90s R&B, Michael Jackson and the New Jack Swing movement, and have recently released the song, ‘Nude’. Check out MirImage’s Facebook page for more information.

While still maintaining MirImage, Jrob has branched out on his own, recording solo material and concentrating on his music production company, Jrob Media.

An R&B song with a quirky mix of electronica and Eastern themes (at points it sounds like the audio has been reversed, thereby producing an intriguing effect), ‘Gone’ is sung from the POV of a lover who’s been badly done by; he’s been hurt, he’s done the best he can do. But he’s never going back. He’s moving on, no matter what. In short, it’s a love song, a song of love lost, but he’s stronger for it. It’s a slickly produced song, and definitely warrants more than one listen in order to get the full measure of it. We definitely recommend that you listen through headphones in order to get the total effect and pick up the finer details. It’s a song with many complex layers, which get lost if you’re just listening through speakers.


Having worked as a singer and performer means that Jrob is in a position to know a lot about how to help emerging artists, and so through his company, Jrob Media, is able to cater to many artists from different backgrounds, looking after the production needs: from recording, to music videos, photography, and marketing.

You can find Jrob online on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram and Youtube. Check out his personal website for further details about Jrob Media, his solo work, and MirImage.

‘Gone’ is available to download from iTunes. Check out the video for ‘Gone’, which features dancer Jaylen. The video was directed by Jrob and Kyle Morgan, with graphics produced by Jrob.

Jrob - Gone

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