The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Justin Schafer


In our third feature on Loveless Effect, we bring you the Essential Weekly Playlist of Justin Schafer, who looks after the drums and percussion.

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Michael Whalen – ‘For You’

I picked this song because it has always piqued my interest. I love it because of the long sustained notes and the emotional chord progression. It always keeps me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what he will play next.

Enya – ‘Paint The Sky With Stars’

I love this song simply because of the melody. Every time I listen to this tune, it always puts me into a dreaming mood. I find the music change in the middle fantastic.
Enya – ‘Falling Embers’
When I was a child, my parents always had Enya playing everywhere I was. When I listen to this song it always takes me back to my childhood bringing back wonderful memories and times with family.
The Verve – ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’
This song has always been fun to listen to because of the melody created by the violin. I also love this song due to its sheer simplicity.
Rush – ‘Tom Sawyer’
I have played drums since a was 12 and this song has always played and has kept me interested in being a drummer. Neil Peart has an awesome drum breakdown halfway through the song and it never gets old.
Johnny Cash – ‘Hurt’
I love the minor chord progression in this song. The way he sings it always tells a story and the whole song itself is extremely haunting and I have always liked it.
Roberta Flack – ‘First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’
This song is very special to me for personal reasons. I love the the chord progression changing from the minor to the major throughout the song. The lyrics are legendary and they always hit my heart.
Disturbed – ‘Sound Of Silence’
I have always loved the original version of this song created by Simon and Garfunkel. Ever since Disturbed came out with their version, in my opinion it enhances it immensely. The way Disturbed put the orchestral elements and the way he sings it and his octave jump leaves the song way more haunting.
Andrea Bocelli – ‘Because We Believe’
This song has always given me hope. I have been listening to this song for two years and it has always driven me to do my best and to push forward with my aspirations.
Pink Floyd – ‘Comfortably Numb’
I love this song because of its haunting lyrics and music. I always listen to this song and to kind of inspire me to come up with music ideas on the piano.
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Loveless Effect will be touring with American Young and Sasha McVeigh. You can catch them at the following:

March 15 – Century Club, LONDON (Time Out Presents)
March 16 – Oran Mor, GLASGOW
March 17 – Ruby Lounge, MANCHESTER
March 18th – Hare & Hounds, BIRMINGHAM
March 19 – Little Rabbit Barn, COLCHESTER
March 24th – Melkweg, AMSTERDAM
March 29 – Strom Club, MUNICH
April 1 – Mr Pickwick, GENEVA

Tickets are available now at See Tickets.

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