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Last week we introduced you to Oakland California band, Introflirt, and their new release, ‘Frozen Lace’, ahead of their second album, ‘Temporary Heaven’. This week’s Essential Playlist comes from the man behind their distinctive sound – Brendan Dreaper, their sound engineer and manager.

Brendan Dreaper Introflirt

Junior Boys – ‘Parallel Lines’

A source of inspiration in mixing the Introflirt record.

Junior boys - Parallel Lines

Empire Of The Sun – ‘Swordfish Hotkiss Night’

Have had a lot of great times to Empire’s music with friends.

Empire of the sun - Swordfish hotkiss night

The Presets – ‘Girl and the Sea’

This song will never get old for me. I’ve seen them play an obscene amount of times, but will always try to catch them when they’re on tour.

The Presets - Girl and the Sea (Official Video)

Bill Withers – ‘Use Me’

Basically how I feel about most things in life.

Bill Withers - Use me

Ghostland Observatory – ‘No Place for Me’

I saw them for the first time in 2008. Was fairly intoxicated but remembered it being amazing. Then this song came on randomly while I was flying down a huge hill on my bike and I was hooked. I’ve never seen them play this one live though. They’ve got the best lasers and dance moves out there. Can’t wait till they return to touring, if that happens. Aaron? Are you out there? Please bring ‘Ghostland’ back. Please?

YouTube player

Jagwar Ma – ‘Come and Save Me’

One of my best friends and past bandmates introduced me to Jagwar Ma and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. Love the production of this whole record and looking forward to see what they do next.

Jagwar Ma // Come Save Me [Official]

Yeasayer – ‘Madder Red’

I try to see Yeasayer live as much I possibly can. This is my favourite video to show to people I’ve just met and don’t know Yeasayer. I feel like it starts relationships off on the right foot.

Yeasayer - Madder Red (Official Music Video)

Ghost Of Lightning – ‘All is Fair in Dreams’

Love this local Oakland band and the movement in this song off their new EP. They’re like siblings to Introflirt. Can’t wait for whenever our next show together will be.

Ghost of Lightning - All Is Fair In Dreams - Live at WAVEFORMLES

Arcade Fire – ‘Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)’

No matter how bad things get. This song keeps me alive.

Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Depeche Mode – ‘Black Celebration’

I’ll end with another constant source of inspiration for mixing the Introflirt record.

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration

You can see Introflirt live:

June 25 – Oakland, CA – Legionnaire Saloon (with ghostplay & VVerevvolf)
July 15 – Sacramento, CA – Ladyfest (with Pink Bandana & Spacewalker)
August 13 – Oakland, CA – Hanging Garden at The Night Light (with Neon Kross & Otzi)
September 28 – San Francisco, CA – Hemlock Tavern – (with Foreign Resort & Nite)

‘Frozen Lace’ is out now, and is available to download from the band’s Bandcamp site, where you can also preorder ‘Temporary Heaven’, set for release later this summer.

Find Introflirt online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, and their official website. You can also find Brendan Dreaper on Twitter, and check out his website!

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