Raindear debuts album ‘Embers’


We can only wait in anticipation and excitement for Swedish starlet, Raindear, to release her debut album, ‘Embers’, an exquisite mix of electronic ambience, eastern-instrumentation, and subtle pop hook melodies.

The highly anticipated debut album by Raindear, ‘Embers’, will be available April 22nd 2016 and has musical qualities that are reminiscent to artists such as Little Dragon, Phantogram, Niki & The Dove, and Ballet School.

‘Embers’ has a dark goth-like quality in character mysteriously mixed with a soft ambient melodic pop and flavoured with diverse cultural elements of rhythm and melody. It features previously released single, ‘Prison Beds’, which has had a great response from the music community thus far. ‘Prison Beds’ is a great energetic dance track that has dark synth bass which keeps the track edgy and mysterious while the vocals carry a catchy melody hook.  Elements of eastern melodies appear through various sections of the song and especially in the quiet parts making for a loose and dreamy form which sets it apart from most classic pop songwriting styles.


‘I’m The Ice’ will be Raindear’s next single release after the album release and has a similar vibe to ‘Prison Beds’ with the dark swelling synth bass, electronic dance rhythms, and strong melodic vocals. The song steers toward a darker feel with the heavy pitch shifting synth bass instrumentation yet provides constant energy with the electronic rhythms.  The lyrics and vocals of Raindear really take a more powerful role in the overall mix of the song.

Another track on ‘Embers’ that caught my attention was ‘Feathers’, which is slightly down tempo from the last two singles mentioned on the album. The song has unique changes that seem to float into each other and a more distinct Eastern style of melody. The dynamics are constantly fluctuating giving the song a lot of emotional builds and drops.

Overall the ten song album by Raindear, ‘Embers’, has everything from trippy dance beats and symphonic synth arrangements to Eastern-style hooks and bold catchy pop melodies. The heart and soul of Raindear was poured into these songs which were mostly produced and written by herself in Malmö, Sweden. To check out more about Raindear and her debut album Embers visit her iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter.

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