Alexandra Is No ‘Criminal’ With Single Release


With a rocky and energetic style, Australian alternative artist Alexandra releases her single, ‘Criminal’, on April 1. 

Real name Stephanie Alexandra Murat, but performing as Alexandra, the singer grew up in the regional town of Armidale, in New South Wales, Australia. Armidale had one radio station, playing the same ten songs on a loop, but fortunately for Alexandra her mother had brought her up on a diet of quality music. As a child she’d devoured Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, as well as AC/DC, Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, ABBA, Rick Springfield, Olivia Newton-John, Peter Frampton, Pink Floyd, and INXS, which the family played in the car on their long drives in the summer on holidays to the coast. She was given a notebook for her fifth birthday, and even from that young age knew she wanted to make music – she started writing short songs, and would perform for anyone anywhere.

Zoom forward to now (via a dabble in the world of modelling), and Alexandra’s song, ‘Criminal’, was inspired by a distant gunshot from a nearby farm. A melody welled up inside her, and, ad-libbing around the melody, she wrote what would become the chorus of the song. Alexandra says she doesn’t actively seek inspiration for songs – it usually finds her.

“It’s like being possessed when a wave of inspiration hits…It won’t let go until what needs to be said has been said and explored from every abstract angle.”

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Alexandra found her home demo for ‘Criminal’ picked up by UK producer Stuart Epps. His production of the song was well received, but it was when US producer, Keith Olsen heard it that Alexandra knew the song was going to go somewhere. The award-winning producer was a name the young singer had grown up with – among the many names he’d worked with were Rick Springfield and Fleetwood Mac – the very artists Alexandra had listened to as a child.

Accompanied by a striking video, the song is energetic, powerful and vibrant. Lyrically it’s a complex, intricate song, borrowing from rap and imbuing it with her own touches. ‘Criminal’ is fast paced and frantic, with a sound reminiscent of Pink, Demi Lovato, and maybe even compatriot Iggy Azalea. Alexandra not only sings the lead vocals on the track, but also provides the percussion and loops. The rest of the instrumentation comes from Keith Olsen and Ian Vandermolen on drums, JJ Farris on Guitars, Keyboards and Electronics from Kristjan Bild, and Bass provided by Ariane Cap.

Find Alexandra online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Soundcloud. ‘Criminal’ will be available on iTunes on April 1.

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