We ‘Feel’ Our Way With Lemonhaze

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EP: What’s the Lemonhaze story? Where does the name come from?

L: The name was a bit of a panic selection I guess, it started as a joke and kind of stuck. Either that or in past interviews we explained that we did not choose the name, it was given to us in a Perthshire field by a Shaman…One of these stories is true. However, I think the name has given us some kind of perception as being Brit Pop, however, far from it. We are more focused on indie/pop and even described by a national news paper as an indie band with synth pop overtones and disco/dance beats. So for us, we do not see the brit pop connection, bar the name.

EP: We’re getting a lot of great music from Scotland lately. What do you think the reason is for this?

L: I think good music has always been here, some of the most influential bands came from and still exists in Scotland, however, for the moment I think it is being showcased more and some promoters are really pushing new talent and its great. Scotland as a whole has had a lot of attention in recent months and years and this may also be a factor.

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EP: Talk us through ‘Feel’. What’s the underlying meaning? Tell us about the video. The elephant is a very striking metaphor right through – how did you come up with that?

L: The song feel is about social frustration and anxiety in the beginning and builds to a release of energy. We wanted the video to reflect that as much as possible. So in a kind of Alice in wonderland way, the elephant became a kind of ‘white rabbit’ that guides the protagonist from his mundane journey to a colourful dance scene were monotony is broken and he reality is escaped, however, in the end there was no elephant, just a will to escape.

EP: With 2016 right on our doorstep, what can we expect from Lemonhaze in the next year?

L: A lot…. We are working on the follow up to feel as well as new music video and already we have some huge dates and venues both north and south of the border. A highlight in the new year is playing the famous “King Tuts” Glasgow as part of the New Year Revolution [Lemonhaze will be playing on January 23 – see here for details and tickets]. We are also planning a tour in April and May and have confirmed a support slot in Soho’s 100 Club, London, so kinda excited for the new year.

EP: What’s your take on the current state of the music industry?

L: I think it is interesting, I mean, its a whole new world from 10 years ago due to downloads and stuff. I miss CD’s and physically having the music and Artwork in my hands, however, it has renewed a focus on Live Music and performing, which to me, is my favourite part of music! There is also a shift to the strength of a single song which is interesting (due to downloading), so its a really fresh time to work and be involved with music and a lot of new club nights and venues have popped up as a result in this shift in the industry, so, overall, It’s exciting.

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EP: Top three songs/artists you think we should all be looking out for?

L: Easy…New acts I would suggest all Glasgow/Paisley Acts: ‘Tijuana Bibles’, really cool lads and good rocking sound, great energy. ‘Vegan Leather’, a  Paisley band and are destined to be big and finally for a more chilled experience we really like ‘Something, Someone’

EP: How does the songwriting process work for you? Is it a democracy, or does one person do the bulk of it? What’s the band’s dynamics like?

L: For us its kinda strange…I think both myself and Steve pen the initial ideas and then take them to the band for the guys to add their own take, lots of times, this takes the initial idea in a whole new direction. However, us at our best I would say ‘feel’ is a good example. It was a collaboration on myself, Steven and Jamie and then Jon added some funk to it. But yea, overall there process is myself or Steve write something and then the band listen, rip it up and or start add to it.

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EP: Where do you see Lemonhaze in 5 years’ time?

L: Interesting question…I’d like to think one day we will be pirates…Yeah, pirates…or at least owners of a row boat and a parrot.

EP: What’s one question you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?

L: I would like people to ask us “What’s one question you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?”, because I am sure we’d have a witty answer for the person asking…

Lemonhaze play Buff Club, Glasgow, tonight. For more details see their event page

You can also find Lemonhaze on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

‘Feel’ is available to download on iTunes and Amazon. You can stream Lemonhaze’s music on Spotify.

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