The Essential Weekly Playlist of: DDATSS


Drama Duo After The Shitstorm (DDATSS) are an alternative band, from Bavaria and California, based in Los Angeles. Formed in 2014, DDATSS comprises guitarist Mr Madcap and vocalist Ms Destruction.


As their name indicates, these two musicians have to been through some rough times, but the process has inspired and enhanced their creativity. Their music is poetical, aggressive, weird and very original, whist at the same time containing some deep, poignant messages.

We asked for their Essential Weekly Playlist: as you can probably imagine it’s interesting and eclectic – and a really good listen.

Does It Offend You Yeah – ‘John Hurt’

Reminds me on crazy binge drinking party nights, cause it is the ideal song to get to your limits and beyond.

Queens of the Stone Age – ‘Go With The Flow’

Let yourself flow, it is more than just a sentence, it’s a lifestyle. Go with the flow and it will lead you somewhere good.

Queen – ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

The song is bursting of positive energy. Love yourself, love the people around you and never ever stop doing the things you love.

Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash – ‘Hurt’

This song shows how fragile big & strong personalities can be. It reminds me that it is okay to be weak sometimes. It’s very intense and actually made me cry.

Muse – ‘Stockholm Syndrome’

Because of personal reasons the song touches me very deeply. I experienced a very similar situation when I grew up. I learned not to be angry, and that’s what is eating me up right now.

Green Day – ‘Letterbomb’

I just love the harmonies of the song. I listened a lot to it as a teenager and also sang 2nd voices to it. The album ‘American Idiot’ was also the first album I heard about 100 times.

Foo Fighters – ‘Something From Nothing’

Think big, dream big and you become something out of nothing. I like the idea and also it was so good to finally hear some great & real rock music again as the song was released.

Hole – ‘Violet’

The perfect song for me to train my voice. I always wanted to sing as high and as low as Courtney Love. And guess what: after some singing lessons I finally got it! I also like the rough, fucked up sound. And hell yeah, finally a good female front-woman.

die Ärzte – Schrei nach Liebe

This song means actually a lot to us. We’re from Germany and there is recently this very disturbing development that some people are really racist against refugees. This song is a big fuck you to all the Nazis out there. It says: maybe nobody has ever loved you, maybe you’re just a very poor guy, but you’re still a Nazi and that makes you a fucking asshole.

The Subways – ‘With You’

We listened to this song a lot while driving in the car somewhere. It’s just the feeling that everything can be so easy when you are with someone that you really love.

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