Magma Live Hhaï

Magma Hhai_recto - copie med resMagma has joined up with Jazz Village to celebrate their 45th anniversary with a collection of new and classic releases to be released between September 2014 and November 2015. With these series of releases comes the limited edition vinyl release of Magma Live Hhaï a collection of classic live performances recorded by Frank Owens whom captured the band while playing at Taverne de l’Olympia, Paris in 1975 between June 1st and 5th.

The live album marks a time in Magma’s history when the band and Christian Vander began to change as many of the bands members including Jannick Top left the band in 1974. After many rehearsals Vander found the exceptional band he was looking for while at the same time reaching elite status with his art form. In these live recordings he is joined by outstanding violin player Didier Lockwood who adds to the originality of this double album.
Magma albums med resHere is the track list and list of musicians whom are featured on Magma Live Hhaï:
Christian VANDER – drums, vocals Klaus BLASQUIZ – vocals
Stella VANDER – vocals
Bernard PAGANOTTI – bass
Gabriel FEDEROW – guitar
Didier LOCKWOOD – violin
Benoit WIDEMANN – keyboards Jean-Pol ASSELINE – keyboards
1 – KOHNTARK part 1
2 – KOHNTARK part 2
1 – HHAI
To purchase Magma Live Hhaï on limited edition vinyl visit Seventh Records website or check out Magma’s Facebook and the Jazz Village webpage.

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